1 mile a day in May… 4 days to go!

A huge WELL DONE to all of the children who have been getting active EVERY SINGLE DAY IN MAY! The month seems to have flown by, and so many children have been getting out and active for at least a mile every day despite all the rain we’ve had.

Well done to Becky (Year 5) for all the exercise you are doing!

As well as exercising, we’ve been using this challenge to raise money for the school. Although the challenge doesn’t finish until Monday, please hand in any sponsorship money you have raised to the school office tomorrow morning (Friday) with next week being half-term.

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Please send in any pictures of you being active this week as we continue our final countdown. Please email y3homeschool@woodthorpe-school.com and include in the email that you are happy for your pictures to be shown on blog/ twitter sites.

Cycling Tournament

Beacon Cycling Academy are hosting a cycling tournament as part of their club’s 75th anniversary celebrations on Saturday 10 July at Bishop Challoner and Queensbridge School Playing Fields in Moseley.

Details of the event and how to enter can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bsca-regional-grass-track-championships-tickets-153329331157.

There will be age-specific racing for children in Key Stages 1 and 2. The Grass Track format makes it an ideal entry-level event for riders with no prior experience of racing. Pre-event training will be available.

After-School Clubs – Summer 2

Dear Parents/Carers, 

We are pleased to inform you that our after-school club provision will return from after the half-term break. The sessions will run over a six-week period from Monday 7th June 2021 to Friday 16th July. Please see the table below for the information relating to each club. Places are limited due to the ongoing need for social distancing. To secure your child’s place within a club you’ll need to reserve a place through the online booking system provided by Schoolzine, and then pay the balance using Schoolmoney.  

Day / Time  Club  Cost  Year Groups  Available Places  
Monday (3:15pm-4:15pm)  Gymnastics (Premier Sport – Connor Houghton)  £3/session (£18)  3&4 / 5&6  20 (10 per phase)  
Tuesday (3:15pm-4:15pm)  Tri-Golf (Inspired Sports – Richard Steadman)  £3/session (£18)  3&4 / 5&6  20 (10 per phase)  
Wednesday (3:15pm-4:15pm)  Street Dance (Fusion Dance - Amy Morris)  £3/session (£18)  3&4 / 5&6  20 (10 per phase)  
Thursday (3:15pm-4:15pm)  Tennis (Kings Heath Tennis Club - Ray Bundell)  £3/session (£18)  3&4 / 5&6  20 (10 per phase)  
Friday (3:00pm-4:00pm)  Leapfrog Multi-Sports – Joanne Budden  £3/session (£18)  R/1/2  12 (4 per class)  

Please click on the relevant links below to book your child’s place: 

Gymnastics (Y3/4) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/37  (10 places available)  

Gymnastics (Y5/6) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/38 (10 places available)  

Tri-Golf (Y3/4) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/40 (10 places available)  

Tri-Golf (Y5/6) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/41 (10 places available)  

Streetdance (Y3/4) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/42 (10 places available)  

Streetdance (Y5/6) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/43 (10 places available)  

Tennis (Y3/4) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/44 (10 places available)  

Tennis (Y5/6) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/45 (10 places available)  

Leapfrog (Reception) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/46 (4 places available)  

Leapfrog (Y1) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/47 (4 places available)  

Leapfrog (Y2) - https://woodthorpejis.schoolzineplus.co.uk/form/48 (4 places available)  

Once you have booked a place using the online booking system (Schoolzine), you will get a confirmation email that will prompt you to pay for the session using Schoolmoney. https://login.eduspot.co.uk/public/portal/parent/?app=schoolmoney&source=website&version=20190314  

You must pay for the session to confirm your child’s place. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to speak to either myself or the school office.  

Thank you for your continued support. 

Mr M. Trevor
Deputy Head Teacher

‘1 mile a day in May’- it’s the final countdown!

8 days to go…

The children, parents and staff of Woodthorpe JI School have been busy bees- being active every day in May (despite the unpredictable weather)!

Being active every day has been a wonderful chance for us to focus on the importance exercise plays in having a ‘healthy body, healthy mind’, and this has linked to our themed weeks on ‘Nature’ and ‘Walk to School’.

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This event also has the bonus of being a sponsored event, and the money raised throughout this event will go towards buying high quality texts for children across the school to enjoy. We hope to broaden the genre of literature that they read and increase the diversity of authors within our school library. Please send in any sponsorship money this week, FAO Miss Owen. Spare/ additional sponsorship forms can be found here:

It’s not too late to get those miles in if you have missed a day or two. Remember, you can walk, run, scoot, cycle or move in any way you choose! (One mile is approximately a brisk 15 minute walk.)

Please send in any pictures of you being active this week as we begin our final countdown. Please email y3homeschool@woodthorpe-school.com and include in the email that you are happy for your pictures to be shown on blog/ twitter sites.


As stated on the termly overview, year 6 have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this half term and so children should come to school dressed in school PE kit (red/white/black) on these days. They may wish to bring a waterproof for Wednesdays as our outdoor cricket sessions have been somewhat showery so far!

Children do not need to wear PE kit on Thursdays.