Woodthorpe’s PE App!!!

To support children and families through lockdown 3.0 we have a free Home PE App, so your children can access meaningful PE at home. Giving you a suitable solution for physical skill development as a replacement for structured and meaningful PE. 
Each week we will provide children with a range of video activities through the App, the videos activities are fully differentiated and easy to follow, most children should be able to work independently.  The Home PE App will allow your children to;

  • Have Fun and Be Active
  • Develop Fitness
  • Develop Sports Skills
  • Maintain Wellness

This will be achieved through a range of;  

  • Active Warm Up’s and Fitness activities
  • Development of Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Technical Skill Activities
  • Dance  
  • Yoga

You can download your schools Home PE App by signing up for free here:https://s1.myamaven.com/woodthorpe-ji-school-pe-app
You will then be able to download your App to your smartphone or tablet, and you can ping the videos to a larger screen such as your TV or monitor should you wish.

Mr Trevor

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