Message to all

So, after my shared hopes yesterday that we would continue to be together in school as long as possible, we now find ourselves back to school closures.

This time round will be quite different to last time though, and our lives lessons will start tomorrow. Will will be following our usual timetable as much as possible to ensure we cover a range of different subjects, so you should have received 4 invites for 6/1/12: English (or getting used to whole class teams) will be 9.30 – 10.30; Maths will be 11-12; RE will be 12.15 – 12.45 and the Art will be 2 – 2.45.

Lessons will all be on teams, unless there is a technical issue in which case I will upload to the remote learning section of the blog – where you hopefully accessed activities for today whilst we were busy sorting the days ahead.

I have set each child up with their own file for saving work into on Teams, and some lessons will have ‘assignments’ attached which will be submitted directly… this should all become more clear as we work our way through.

Please remember to use the y6 email to contact me if you have any queries.

I look forward to seeing the key worker children in school tomorrow, and as many of you as possible logging into teams at 9.30.

Miss Edwards

8 thoughts on “Message to all”

    1. Hi Hafsa ,
      If you open Outlook (your email) and click on the meeting for that lesson- e.g. Maths at 11.00 – you should see a purple link that says ‘join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ click that and it should give you a page where you can join. Then just wait for someone to let you in and you’re done.
      Then for the next subject you can go from the ‘calendar’ tab to your next lesson
      Hope this helps.


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