Stan’s Cafe

We have had a fantastic morning in our ice-breaker session with James and Lucy from Stan’s Cafe…. we watched a F1 clip and then played a game of Humpty Dumpty in which the children developed their commentary skills.

After that we split into groups to take on the roles of driver, marshal, commentator and journalist whilst completing the racing tracks.

Opportunity to learn a new instrument

I am pleased to inform pupils and parents that we have been contacted by the Birmingham School music service, who are offering our pupils the opportunity to learn the saxophone. As many of you know, the music service teachers are excellent and lessons offer good value for money. If you would be interested in your child learning the saxophone, please email to let me know. A music teacher will hold trial lessons with your child’s year group bubble as soon as possible. For lessons to go ahead we need to have at least 5 pupils to take part.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mrs Pickering