We made it!

Happy Half term to everyone! I am so pleased that we have completed the first half term without any COVID related disruption to our learning and that we have managed to complete some fantastic extra activities too. It ahs also been nice speaking/ meeting with you over the past couple of weeks.

Children should have come home with 3 things today: a leaflet about how you can still support with reading at home, even though your child may be a fluent, competent reader; a letter and code with their individual Charanga music log-in information and a maths arithmetic paper to ensure the skills we have covered this half term are practiced and secure. I have recommended that children independently spend 30 minutes on the paper initially to see how they get on in the official set time they will have, but then they spend additional time on it afterwards as required. I would like the paper completed and for the children to be as confident as possible with the question types using adult/ ICT support (but not calculators!!) as needed. If there is something that your child seems to be finding very difficult, please let me know so that I can provide extra support when we return.

We have covered lining up the digits in order to complete written calculations using all 4 operations (+, -, x and ./.), including long multiplication and division; x and ./. by 10, 100 and 100; + and – of fractions including converting denominators; and BIDMAS; we have not covered %, x by decimals or x and ./. of fractions yet, and so children should not worry about Q25, Q27, Q29. Q32 and Q35. They are, of course, allowed to complete them if they are able.

Please do not hesitate to email me on the Y6 school email if you have any questions.

I wish you all a very restful and healthy holiday and look forward to seeing you back on the 2nd – with completed maths booklets!

Miss E